Thursday, April 10, 2008


So it's been almost a year since I've posted anything to this particular blog. Just in reading over some of my previous entries, I realized something. I've been really hard on myself. Especially the breakup post. I should never have to apologize for being who I am and what I have to contribute. So what; there were times when I was an open book but that's just me. Very kind-hearted, optimistic and giving. When you have those qualities the best advice you can give your self is choose your friends carefully. Oh and by all means don't let them choose you. My ex, bless his soul, was apparently in denial. Word has it that he is currently back with his ex before me and they're having a baby together. Totally unplanned from the sound of things. In the time I got to know him, he's one of those types that prefers to take his time and plan everything especially since he wasn't where he thought he should be financially. Looks like God had a different plan for him. I could assume that I was the rebound girlfriend since he swore that he was soooo over this current but previous girlfriend. Riiiiight! Not even a year has passed and they're now procreating. Well congrats! On the other hand, I'm living my life cuz' it's golden. There's no room for drama and frivilous bouts of nonsense. The weather is lovely out today and flirtation is in the air. Let's go out and play, shall we!!!

Monday, April 23, 2007

Breaking Up ...

may be heart to do but when you begin to feel the completion of that cycle...whoohoo!

There's all sorts of advice out there on how to mend a broken heart. I kind of wonder if your heart ever really gets broken. Isn't our minds that get us into trouble. Conjuring up all types of scenarios, shoulda, woulda, couldas and great expectations! If we could really just relax and take things slow with significant others, life would be sooo much easier to flow through. I've personally learned that less is more. You don't have to give too much information in order to be honest. After all are you on an autobiography interview or are you getting to know this person? Not everyone can handle information overload nor should they feel obligated to. Keep your baggage to yourself and your therapist. Had I followed my own advice, I would probably still be in a couple. Then again all goods things sometimes come to an end to make room for something or someone better. Just be free and be "easy". By that I mean keep it light and don't get too serious about everything too soon. Here's to the new spring season and the love it will bring!

Thursday, April 19, 2007


Yesterday, I was called to an impromtu family gathering. On Tuesday, my brother had an on-the-job accident. He's an elevator technician whose real passion is building working model airplanes and drawing amazing ink art. As freak luck would have it, the wheel that pulls the cables to make the elevator go up and down, rolled over both of his hands while he was oiling the cable. OUCH! Thank God he still has all of his fingers even though they had to cut and reattach his left ring finger, which is still broken. Through all of this he still wants to go back to work. Mind you, this being his 3rd on the job accident. In his mind, he still has responsibilites and bills to pay.

I'm afraid for him but it saddens me that this is where must of us are in life. We ignore what we love so that we can pay bills. Even if we are faced with the greatest of dangers. Even if it means we could lose the limb that we need must to carry out those passions. I, too, am an artist. I spend 40 hours a week sitting in front of a computer doing non-photo/art related work, while doing my business part-time. A few years ago, I was out of work for two and a half months with the beginning stages of carpal tunnel. It was to the point where I couldn't turn a door knob without my hands cramping with sharp shooting pain. My brother's near finger loss reinstilled in my mind the thought that what you don't use, YOU LOSE!!!

Do what you love NOW!!! Not just to pay the bills. Where there's no way, a way will be made if you just ACT!!!

Friday, November 04, 2005

It's beautiful outside!!!!

Ok so I've been missing in action yet again. I can't help it that I have a life. (tee hee) That's not to insinuate that the other blogger's are nobody's. I have a whole bunch of stuff on my plate and I'm still in the midst of digesting the first half. It's funny how we get older and keep ourselves busier. Is that a way to not deal with what's really going on? Cuz' I mean what's really going on? I'm still plugging away at the same j-o-b the difference is however that I'm not waiting for my 5 seasons of fame. That's right 5 seasons. Expect a DVD box set with that order of fries.

Our lives are here for the taking people. I wish y'all folks would realize that. Not that I'm complaining cuz' that just means more opportunity for me. Go ahead and stay sleeping while I fill my offshore accounts. A million dollars is not going to show up on your doorstep. Even if it did, you'd be broke again within a year cuz' you don't know how to make it multiply. Be fruitful and become many. Heck you might be stupid enough to invest in the lotto jackpot. Turd munch!

All this may sound like a Saturday morning sermon but my point is to all you complaining a** mother flowers out there, get off your tukuss and DO YOU!!! I don't mean tread over to the dark side of fame and fortune either. As long as you're not hurting anyone, make a lasting impression on the world. Go beyond writing your name in the snow with your urine.

My world is a ever-changing canvas with a whole arsenal of hues on my palette. I'm doing my thing and soon you will all bear witness to my genius. PURE ADULTERATED GENIUS!!! Toot my own horn...ya damn right! You don't like it, blow it out your a**. If you feel me and where I'm coming from, hop on board the bus and "get crunk wit us." It's all about the scratch grain. And to all my hoes, don't miss me cuz' I'm not gone. I'm just out here tarring and feathering the bitches who said I couldn't DO IT!!!

Peace out in Irak

p.s. Keep your eyes peeled for my billboard. Coming to you live in Times Square...Soon...Real soon...soon come....LOL

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Hopeful Romantic....

FYI I'm still watching "So You think you can Dance". I even voted for Jamile last night like 10 tens before the number went busy...tee hee

Cards on the table...Men and women both want the same things. We just voice our wants in totally different ways. If you haven't read it, do your self the favor..Men are from Stars, Women want Penis! (LOL) Damn I slay me. You catch my drift. If not wait for the next wave.

Love schmove...Can a open minded non homo brotha just come along and laugh it up with a sista? You know not the average boring non-creative dinner and a movie date. I swear the next dude that makes that a suggestion is gonna get slapped. (Yeah word on the vine is men find it more disrespectful to get slapped than punched in the face. They feel slapping is only for women. HA!! They wish.) I'm a button pusher so I feel sorry for the dumb schmuck who decides he wants to run his lame game.

I know those of you who have your man panties twisted in a bunch right now are yelling "CURSES YOU VILE WOMAN!" but check it out...

What I have to bring to the table is simple...On a fun and loving tip, I will match everything you got and then some. I will try to outdo you in everything just so you can return the favor. Way I see it that could go back and forth forever. Which is sweet. I cook, bake, have fresh laundry swaying in the breeze on a clothes line, whip ur *ss in tennis, take the ball to the hole, tackle you into some new grass stains, paint my face and yell defense, moon fellow motorists on the highway, skinny dip into the Miami sunset and oh my the list is sooo long, I'm makin' myself hot. cha cha cha...

I'm not your average moronic woman. Gucci and Prada don't impress me. Show me that the noodle on the top of your shoulders ain't all that limp and we can hustle and flow. On that wise crack, I'ma split.

Till next time Sissies!!

Monday, August 29, 2005

It's been a long time....

Ok so a week and a few days, no biggie. I haven't had much time to post new posts (tee hee) due to a hectic summer schedule. Maybe blogging would work on a more efficient basis if it was cold outside.

Today's entry might be short and sweet. I just have a question that needs answering.

WHAT THE HECK IS KARMA? Is she the "goes around comes around 10 times worse" chick? Or the "here's a reminder how your past so let me keep rubbing it in for you" chick?

Ok so that was 3 questions but seriously! What are the chances of the average person running into 4 people that they are no longer friends with all in the space of one week? Is it that life's a full circle and maybe some folks just need to be closed out completely or is there a lesson that you keep missing that allows these people to keep popping back up like a hemmoeroid that refuses to go away?

I think God's always telling me something. He doesn't always come straight out and say it but he has some strange ways of catching a sister off guard. Needless to say I don't understand why these four people resurfaced as of late. I would rather leave the past in the past and go on about my business. Hey when you cut someone off, they should stay cut. Right?

Maybe I'm being a lil' harsh. Not!!! Life's too short to put up with nagging, whining, self-piting, hustling, con-artists who just drain you of every ounce of energy you put forth. Bring something to the table and stop eating and running all the dang time. The rules are simple...Freeloaders get off my bus! I can donate to charity just not to panhandlers.

Reciprocation is very important. Without it there's no balance. Maybe my lesson is in forgiveness but for now I'd rather give my time and energy to the real people of this ruthless world. The children. They're the only honest people left and unfortunately they are slowly turning rotten. No good parents they have, I tell you! Besides I have forgiven I just don't forget anything too easily. Cross me and you'll regret your actions. Sweet is the revenge of the fabulous IGNORE BUTTON. Attention grabbers hate to be ignored. I love it.

Anyway, my ramble is over. If I feel like it, I'll pick up better where I left off. Next time, my little poppets!

Monday, August 15, 2005

Guess who's back??? and with a fresh RANT!!!

Hello again mates!

I took a week off to regroup and make sure I was still connected to the outside world. The New Information Age that we are living in seems to get us disconnected from the real world and the people in it. Like I wonder every time I take one of those outside trains back and forth to work everyday, do folks realize how weak they look when they flip out their cell phones the minute we surface from the underground? I'm not even talking business people who might be running a tad bit late for a meeting. I mean everyday average Joe's/Jane's who are seemingly insecure about being on the train, alone and with themselves. Bright and early like 7 o'clock in the morning people have this silver or black piece of plastic attached to their ears and are carrying on loud meaningless conversations. Half the time I think they are just profiling and not really talking to anyone.

"Hello, McFly..." You people look really sorry. Nobody wants to hear that you just went to Kmart and you'll show whoever the stuff when you get home. I mean please, couldn't you wait to go home to say "Babe look what I got from Kmart?" If cell phones still required everyone to carry around that dinosaur of a battery pack, would we all still have one? I had a Nextel for 2 and half years. You know what my bill looked like? Dang near $100 a month. Who the hell was I talking to? To be honest, no one of any major importance. Let me clarify that last statement before I get a bunch of nasty comments from my "loved" ones. I had a phone at home that I was paying for and never used. Then I had a cellphone that would usually ring off the hook and most of the time I didn't answer. When I did answer, before a greeting I'd get "Where you at?" Excuse me! Last time I checked, my daddy didn't even question my whereabouts. And hello to you too!

Why spend $100 a month to have a personal GPS system to lug around with you when you leave your house, only to be bombarded with annoyances throughtout the day? When I go out, I don't want to be bothered unless it's a real emergency. (How many of those are actual emergencies?) If I'm not home for Pete's sake leave a message. That's why answering machines and oops oh my VOICEMAIL was created! Would you look at that? There's that fabulous thing called technology again. Ain't it grand?

Bad enough folks call me at home with their sob stories. Do I really want you to have an all access bug the sh*t out of me pass? Heck NO! Am I not entitled to something called "ME TIME"? You know that quiet place we should all go to unwind so we can stop acting like we have sticks shoved up our keesters all the time. Serenity NOW! Which brings me to the purchase of my pre-paid cellphone. I consider myself liberated from the slave mentality of the cellphone matrix. I take it with me when I'm driving, when my kid is not in my vicinity, and if I'm meeting up with a friend and we have to find each other. Other than that, it stays off. Let me repeat...OFF!!! A lucky few are privileged to have my work phone number. Don't have to worry about that being abused because if I'm not at my desk or currently on the phone, guess what? There goes that dang voicemail again. LOL

I don't like people that much but I do value natural human contact. I love having a friend that I can write a letter to, put it in an old fashioned envelope, slap a stamp on it and send it down the ole' mail chute. I love meeting up with my friends and hanging and having face to face conversations. Granted I've met some groovy people on the net but we've had our greatest moments when we were all out at a park or some brain building function, swapping ideas and feeling each others positive energy. You can't really vibe through sound or ethernet waves. Some can but the majority of us need to literally reach out and touch someone. Hey you never know! You might get touched back. And you might even like it!